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Jack Kirby's Secret City Saga

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I have brought it up in another thread about information disappearing but now I'm looking to put this particular book to rest.  #0 had four versions. 

There was the standard version with a blue background

Jack Kirby's Secret City Saga #0: Roy Thomas, Walter Simonson: Amazon.com:  Books

There was a red version

Jack Kirby's Secret City Saga (1993) comic books

There was a gold version

Jack Kirby's Secret City Saga (1993) comic books

And finally a platinum (or silver) edition

Jack Kirby's Secret City Saga (1993) comic books


Years ago, when I could still remember this kind of thing, I had entered these into CB.  The information attached to them is now gone, no big deal, it is what it is.  I do still want to set the record straight on these if at all possible.  Topps Comics had a few titles that were a part of their Kirbyverse.  In the first issue (I believe) of each title was a coupon to submit to get your Kirbychrome edition of Secret City saga.  I cannot recall if the Kirbychrome was the gold or platinum version.  I was completely unaware of the red version until years after the fact and have no idea where it came from.  I feel like the platinum was something of a "thank you" or retailer incentive but again, cannot remember at all.  Does anyone know about these?  Is there a way to go through the old databases or corrections to pull this information out?  There is little information available on the interwebs and much of it conflicts with other sources.  

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