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Michael A. Farrah

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I have two databases one for comics, one for books and magazines, mainly just to keep them separate. I updated to Comicbase 2020 which now has this built in, but the books and magazines show as comic books in that database (they show as books or magazines in the comic book one). Is there a way of changing this without re-entering all of them?

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If you are looking at your CB 2020 database after it has been migrated but before an update, the books and magazines will be in Comic Books.

After an Update, the Books and Magazines will be populated in the correct locations (deleting them from Comic books.

However, if you OWN any of the Issues, the Title/Issues will NOT be deleted from Comic Books. In this case there will be two of each Title. One still in Comic Books and one in Books or Magazines.

There is no easy way to tell what these dual Titles are. You can look at the Update Logs and get some information there. You can try to extract information and do a comparison outside CB.

Once you Find a Book or Magazine Title in Comic Books that needs to be moved, you can use Menu item Edit->Change Title Media Type (do this while in the Comic Books view and displaying the Title to be moved).

However, part 2... once you move the Title to the correct View, you will have Duplicate Item # rows in that Title. The ones created by the Update and the ones that you own that were moved.  you can review and delete the duplicate Issues.

Also, since the naming of the Item numbers is different in Books (Magazines mostly follow Comic Books naming), you will also need to rename any/all Cover scans to match the Item # so they display. For example. if a Book had a Issue # of 1 in CB 2017, the Item # in CB 2020, it could be HC 1 or TPB 1 (or just HC or TPB if only one Issues).  Then you would need to rename 1.jpg to HC 1.jpg, HC.jpg, TPB 1.jpg or TPB.jpg depending on the Item #.


Also, another possible point of confusion is Books doesn't mean ALL Books.  Only Non-Comic Story Books will be moved. For example, a Book that is a collection of Comic Stories would stay in Comic Books.  A Book that is text only, an Art Book or other non-comic story types would be moved to Books.



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Ok second question with this why are some items that were in the database that were magazines or books before now listed as a magazine or book, but if I had them they are still under comics but in the program, I can simple change the media type on them to make them a magazine or book. Yes I realize that sounds confusing. Example Wizard Magazine is in magazines now why what was there couldn't just have had it's media type changed rather than completely re-entering them. It has made more work on our end to fix it. And with that if I change the media type will it mess up everything with two listings for the same items. It seems like this was thought completely through.

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Go to the Comic Books Title that was 'duplicated' in its now correct location in Magazines or Books.

You can use Menu item Edit->Change Media Type.

Select the Media you want to move it to.

It will tell you that Title exists and do you want to move the Issues to it. Yes, you do.

However, this will DUPLICATE the Issues in the correct location for all the Issues you own.

You can delete the Duplicate you DON'T own to keep information.


NOTE: This change of Media type was NOT done during the conversion from CB 2017 to CB 2020.  All your Comic Titles would have just been converted to Comic Titles in CB 2020.

The first Update you run WILL have created the new Books and Magazines and Deleted all the corresponding Comic Books Titles/Issues EXCEPT where you owned Issues. It would have left the Titles and any Issues you owned. This is how the Update normally works (not deleting any Issues you own).

I am guessing that changing that process to Move existing Titles and all Issues (including ones you own) would have required a complete rewrite of the Update process.


I agree with you that it was a pain to identify which Titles needed to have their Media Type chanced but after that, the process wasn't too bad (at least for me). I used a tool outside CB to identify the duplicate Titles in the different Media (copied out a list of Titles I owned from Comic Books and compared it to a list of Books / Magazines).


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