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Planet of the Apes Green Lantern

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Our favorite topic of course lol.  Variants

So I just got  about 200 comics in I'm logging in and when i got to the Planet of the Apes Green Lantern section I scanned in a number 1 issue and its showing up as variant 1/H but it looks like Variation C. I did a further search and found a 2016 Comicspro versions which looks nothing like it as well. https://stores.comichub.com/heroes_for_sale_/products/planet-of-the-apes-green-lantern-1-comicspro-2016-variant 

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On 3/23/2022 at 9:41 AM, Mark J. Castaneda said:

topics such as this should be posted under 'Content and Corrections'

as for the issue you're trying to scan in...

what's the barcode number for the comic?

Can you provide a cover scan of the cover you have?

Sorry just now seeing this one as i needed to change my settings to see notifications of responses. The barcode is 84428400591300191. When scanned it takes me to 1/h But when you scroll up you will see its actual cover under 1/C which is another Virgin cover.  In CombicBase 1/H has no image so when i searched the web 1/H is the link i provided above. I went ahead and submitted the correction through DBase after updating the UPC Code in 1/C. I don't have the UPC Code for 1/H 


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