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Automated Visual Listing Verification

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Whether it's for confirming a pile of just entered comics, or confirming a pile of being sold comics, or flipping through the contents of a box (assuming in all three cases that you have things sorted appropriately)  how about a mode that will auto-advance through a list?  Minimize the list, maximize the cover view, you visually confirm each book to the screen and it moves on as you thumb through.  Configurable with how long to pause.  Configurable on how to handle list entries with quantities of more than 1; I can see having a single show with a single pause, or having it show multiple times; either way, with a big indicator on the screen showing "x5" or "1/6", "2/6", etc.

I originally thought of this being voice controlled, "next", "back", etc., or just sound detection for advance like "The Clapper"

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