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Import to Mark Issues

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I'm working on an Excel-based tool to support Hole Hunting, similar to Adam Sternberg's Collection Hole Finder. Ultimately, the goal is to update the Wanted status on issues in ComicBase, for Wanted List Reports and AtomicAvenue Wish Lists.

The intended flow is

  1. Output from ComicBase a CSV Item Checklist of Owned and Missing issues in Owned Titles
  2. Load Item Checklist data into the spreadsheet
  3. Generate a listing of missing issues in holes
  4. Research/decide which issues in the listing you want/don't want on the spreadsheet
  5. Update the Wanted status of issues in ComicBase.
  6. Additional Research/decisions of which issues you want or don't want in ComicBase

There are two features that I don't think are in ComicBase currently that would streamline this process.

  • Add an option to include "Wanted" as a field included in the Item Checklist.  (I could copy Wanted to a Custom Checkbox and output the Custom Checkbox, or I could generate a separate report of Only Wanted issues, but the ability to directly output Wanted Status would simplify the process.)
  • Add an Import option that doesn't effect Quantity, but can Set/Clear Wanted, Marked or Custom Checkbox state for issues.
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