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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

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When checking for updates, the Dark Knight Returns mini-series comes up as unrecognized.  Is the info not in for these comics or is there another title I should be using?

They seem to be fairly newish and popular; seems like they would be recognized.  Any advice appreciated!

Unrecognized Comics

Dark Knight Returns, The 1
Dark Knight Returns, The 2
Dark Knight Returns, The 3
Dark Knight Returns, The 4


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In ComicBase, the original periodicals are filed under Batman: The Dark Knight.  I would have to dig out my floppies to check, but I assume that is a match to the indicia.  

EDITED TO ADD:  I went into my collection and I was able to verify that the indicia for these periodicals is indeed Batman: The Dark Knight.  Everybody refers to it as "The Dark Knight Returns" (partly b/c that is the cover title on the first issue and partly b/c that is how DC has been titling various collected edition reprints), but that doesn't actually match the indicia.  

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