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The Electric Black / The Children of Caine, #0

Fred Slota

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That is the correct way.

The way the Title is named (per indicia), it is a single name. 'The Electric Black, The Children of Caine'

(although, with the comma, it should be 'The Electric Black, the Children of Caine')

Since it is a single name, the article is put at the end. 'Electric Black, the Children of Caine, The'

However, if it had been a (for lack of a better phrase) two-part name separated by a colon ( : ), the article would be place after the first part.

Example, 'The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child' would be entered as 'Dark Knight Returns, The: The Golden Child'

I think the publisher may have made a mistake using the comma instead of the comma as the would make more sense as 'The Children of Caine seems like the second (or sub) title name. If they had, CB would handle it better.

But with a Comma, there isn't much that can be done.

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