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Detective Comics Oreo Cookie Giveaway #27

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I would say it's not in the database yet.  It should be under the ongoing title "Detective Comics" with a modified issue number to distinguish it as a giveaway copy of #27.  Overstreet lists it in the Promotional section of the guide (page 290 in the 51st edition, i.e., the 2021-22 edition) with 1984 as its publishing date.  Assuming this is the copy you're seeking, you could create the issue and then upload it for review so that it can be added to the master database.



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Good catch.  I ran a search for "Oreo" and another for "giveaway" but neither produced this issue.  I saw it, but ignored it since the issue designation identified it as a 2nd printing.  The issue type should also be changed from "regular" to "giveaway."

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