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No install pictures movies option

mark d. smith

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Unfortunately, I have neve had the Express Edition so I am not that sure of it.
What do you have when you select File->File Tools?
In my Archive Edition, there is a 'Manage Pictures and Movies' selection. (see 1st attachment)
When I select it I get the 'Manage Pictures and Movies' window. (see 2nd attachment)
At the bottom of this window is an 'Install Pictures and Movies...' button. (blue circle)
The location of the Pictures and Media can be change by selecting the folder buttons. (red circle)

You should be able to add you own cover scans with the following steps.
Save cover scan as a *.jpg file.
Name the file the same as the Issue/Item # using exactly what it has except that an / is replaced by a -.
Drag/Drop the *.jpg file anywhere in the grid area of the Title it belongs with.


Manage Picture and Movies.JPG

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Okay. My guess is that CB Express does not come with any Picture covers (or Movies).
You can check this by going to the CB website and using My Account->Registrations. Then click the green Download arrow (next to your most recent version of CB).
If on the next page, you don't see any file to download covers, then they are not available.

You can add your own, however.

As for the 'Had trouble connecting...', I don't have much help for that.
You can try:
Use Internet->Logon Information and make sure the correct Userid/password is used.
On the CB website, use My Account->Profile and check the correct database is there.
But your best option is probably to contact support.

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