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why aren't all comics in comic base indexed by title?

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So, I search for "The Weird" and there are no hits. I search for "Berni Wrightson" as artist and I can find "The Weird" listed and add it from the artist list.

I search for "The 'Nam" and there are no hits. I search for "Doug Murray" as writer, and can find "The 'Nam" listed under his comics.

If the comics are in the DB, why can't I find them by title - I have been entering my comics for about a week now, but this happens a LOT - dozens of times. Some comics take me as much as 15 minutes to find because of the way they are NOT indexed. Do I need to do something to enable better title searching?


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Articles (A, The, El, etc.) are moved to the end of the name (i.e. Weird, The and 'Nam, The)

I believe it has to do with sorting Title lists.

When searching for a title, it would be best not to include the leading article. Just type Weird or 'Nam (or just Nam) and you should find most of the problem ones.

Something else to watch out for titles like 'Autumn Adventures (Walt Disney’s…)' where you may think to look for 'Walt Disney’s Autumn Adventures'.

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