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where is my comic db SUPPOSED to be and what is it SUPPOSED to be called

Jon Heimerl

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I played with the free version and just randomly entered some stuff I thought I had. Decided I liked the program enough to buy the pro version. I started a new db, then entered save a copy after I had entered a couple thousand comics. After that the app kept telling me "it looks like you are working in a backup, do you want to make this a working copy?" so I kept saying yes make it a dang working copy. the file name was something like "copy of a copy of the DB"

THis morning my PC rebooted for a patch, and closed the db. When I reopen, I can't find my current db. Any suggestions on how I find it and keep it as a working copy?




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By default the database file is located in:

C:\Users\<logo-id>\Documents\Human Computing\ComicBase Databases

Save a Copy does not work the way I think you are trying to use it (which is as a backup).

What Save A Copy does is make a Copy (a second) database. If you don't rename it it is Copy of Database. Saving A Copy again from that database with make a File called Copy of Copy of Databases, etc. (or naming like this).

Each of these are valid databases. If you entered some issues in the first one and then Saved A copy,

If you want a backup of your database, use menu item Setup->Preferences and change the backup part to what you want (see the Blue section in the Attachment.



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