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Error Message & Bar Code Scanner issues.

Brian L. Schulman

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I am having two problems.

I keep getting the error message below: This happens whenever I try to exit the program through the File tab or using Control + Q, and when I try to use the Optimize Database function under the file tools. If I hit the Continue button nothing happens. If I hit the Quit button then the entire program shuts down. I can close the program by hitting the x in upper right hand part of the screen.

Everything else seems to be working except my Manhattan bar code scanner. I am not sure if it is related but ever since I updated to 2022 edition my bar code scanner inputs the barcode in the Find part at the top of the program, and the code flashes across yet nothing happens. I tested the scanner using Notepad and the bar code appears there. I did ask support about this problem, and I was sent a list of barcodes to "restart" the scanner and that did nothing. 

Thanks for your help.


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Thanks for your help. I tried to do the Rebuild Lists as you suggested, and I was still getting the same error message. It looks like I had v. I have been using this program for probably 15 years and I never knew I could update the version. I then read how to do the updates and I now have v. The update made the error message go away. I have yet to retry the Manhattan scanner, but I will as soon as I can. Again, I really appreciate your help and I will give an update with the scanner soon.

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I seem to recall one of the interim builds addressed a problem with scanners so hopefully it will be fixed.

If you want the most recent builds, you can use menu item Setup->Preferences and check 'Check for interim updates' (see attachment).

Then when you Check for Updates you will be asked if you want to install the new build.

It is relatively safe to apply the updates and there are rarely any problems.


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