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Blurry images

Ronald Lashley

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What Edition of CB do you have?

Just checked the images in my 4K Archive Edition and the smallest image is 96Kb.

Depending on the Edition you have, select the issue, right-click and it and select 'Download Cover'.


Check your Preferences (under menu item Setup).

If you have a box with a label of 'Automatically download larger pictures when viewing items', check it.

Then, when you click on a cover, it will automatically download the large cover.

PS If you used the Quick Start version of the picture install file, this would only install thumbnail size covers (#1 would be full-size). Then the preferences check box to automatically download... would get larger covers as you needed them.

But this all depends on which Edition of CB you have.

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With the Archive Edition, you should be able to download the larger covers or set the check box to download the larger covers when you select them.

Alternately, if you have installed the Quick Start versions of the pictures and you want all the larger covers available without downloading then individually, you can download and install the full Picture files.

On CB website, click on My Account and go to Registrations.

Click the green arrow under download.

instead of the 'Recommended' downloads, click the 'Other' radio button to get the the full picture files.

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