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Looking to upgrade to archive editiion in the future

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No, there is no discount for renewal.

However (and keep in mind I have no connection to HC and anything I type my observations)...

There is an Upgrade price discount. Currently, the Archive Edition is listed as $129.95 ($170.00 of buying for the first time) which is $20.00 less than the listed Upgrade price (don't know if this is temporary and, if so, for how long)).

And, there is no guarantee of this, HC tends to have sales around Christmas, more often than not.

PS I am not trying sell this but if you like the best covers HC has available, the 4K Archive Edition is currently listed at $149.95 (just $20.00 more that the regular Archive Edition).



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Oh, and just an FYI, when you renew in the same 'class' (ex. Professional to Professional), the 1 Year of updates is ADDED to your existing expiration date.

But if you upgrade to a different 'class' (for example Professional to Archive), the renewal expiration date is reset.


Renewing (same class)

Current expiration date: 1 Jan 2023

Renewal date: 1 July 2022

New expiration date: 1 Jan 2024

Upgrading to different class

Current Expiration date: 1 Jan 2023

Upgraded date: 1 July 2022

New expiration date: 1 July 2023

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