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Unable to open Sidekick

Derek Ott

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Hello. Sidekick may be causing me issues, but difficult for me to tell. For a while, I have been receiving a Sidekick error message of "unable to open database". I may or may not have resolved this as I performed a Database Manager check and performed the latest ComicBase update. My current database location is on my local drive: c:\useres\alexa\documents\human computing\comicbase databases\comicbase database.cbdb

I checked the above path through File Explorer and it states last modified on 4/7/2021. Maybe I am not linking to the right location? The update was successful today.  

I do see the Sidekick icon in my system tray. If I right-click the icon and try to open it, nothing happens. I can right-click and access the settings command, but all of the other commands are grayed out, although it seems I can access them when opening up settings.

I have the 2022 Professional version of the program.

Thank you,


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try a computer restart

make sure the main CB software is not open when you try to interact with Sidekick.

Try to get into Sidekick settings with a right-click with your mouse. Review your database list under the General Tab; if the file path for your main DB is no longer valid that could be the reason for your trouble, Use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the list to the proper file path.

If that doesn't help, reach out to our support team (support@comicbase.com OR 408-266-6883)

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