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How do I purge Comicbase from my system?

Jeff Arns

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I've had issues with Comicbase even before I installed 2023.

Now I cannot even scroll without it pausing every few screens.

I just want to remove ALL traces (except my databases) from my system so I can do a clean install.

Just installing and reinstalling repeats the same issues.



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Before you go to this extreme, have you contacted support to see if they can help?
If not, I would try that first.

The following is all I can think of (short of editing the registry which I don't recommend or know much about). There may be other bits I am not aware of.

Make sure that CB and Sidekick are not running.

Uninstall ComicBase xxxx Resources
Uninstall ComicBase xxxx <your edition>

Type %appdata% in a Windows explorer window and delete Human Computing folder

Navigate to C drive Users\<logon-id>\Documants\Human Computing.
Check that your database is in folder ComicBase Databases.
Delete all other Folders and Files (except the database and its folder)
NOTE: If you database is not there, you will need to find it.

Navigate to C drive \Users\Public\Documents
NOTE: You do not have to deleted any Pictures or media.
If Pictures and Media are located in the Human Computing folder in Public\Documents (the default location), delete every folder and file except those two. If you they are located somewhere else, you can leave them there.)

That, I think, should get rid of most everything.


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