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Hardcover Books - Science Fiction Book Club Editions

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I think we need to have "Science Fiction Book Club" as an option under the Edition drop-down when entering books.  I have many of these editions, and while they are indeed hardcovers, they are substantially smaller than a normal hardcover you might buy at a bookstore. 

Here's an example of what I am talking about. Both of the books pictured below are hardcovers in the same series. The smaller one is from the Science Fiction Book Club, and the other was purchased at a book store, and they look quite different when sitting side-by-side on my bookshelf. The SF Book Club edition is not only shorter, but it sits deeper on the shelf than the regular hard cover. 




I think having a distinction is important, especially if people are going to be selling books on Atomic Avenue. I know I would be very annoyed if I bought a book and it wasn't the same dimensions as the rest of the hardcovers sitting on my bookshelf.

This whole issue was brought to my attention as I started entering all of my David Eddings hardcovers into inventory. Many of the existing entries in ComicBase  have "Science Fiction Book Club Edition" in the item description. The ISBN is the same, but I know for a fact that the books I am entering are not from the Science Fiction Book Club and I'd really like to be able to make that distinction.

Here is a specific Example:


The above book is not from the Science Fiction book club, but deleting the information from the item description won't do any good because I know that's a field ComicBase controls and my change will just get thrown out. 

I also don't think it should be a variant since this book is the real deal. 

Anyway, I hope I've made it clear why I think we need this change. 

Does anyone agree with me? 


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