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WILDLY divergent prices vs ebay

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So everytime we update comicbase we get that summary of top gainers and losers. And every time my eyeballs pop out of my head on the estimated value of my collection, and it's really, really difficult to believe some of these issues are selling for what's claimed. I thought the prices in comicbase were generated by a consensus of prices actually reported by comic shops and online services.


But, as an example, who the hell is paying 86 dollars for a Superior Iron Man 8 when ebay has it for 3.24?! There is literally nothing interesting about Superior Iron Man 8, not the plot, art, or significant first appearances. It's literally being listed BELOW cover from several sellers.


So how 86 dollars?

Did someone actually grift the living hell out of a buyer and skew the results THIS BADLY? Or are people seriously inflating their sales and just not reporting right? This absolutely CANNOT be accurate.


Sometimes I wonder why it will be weeks between Atomic Avenue sales using the default prices but i guess i know now!

Superior Iron Man is just an example. Don't get caught up on this one detail.

Baltimore: Empty Graves 4 is similar, below cover on ebay, 64 dollars in comicbase.

NON-CGC versions of Joelle Jone's Lady Killer are routinely below cover to maybe 8 bucks. comicbase has a second print of #1 for 82 dollars.


This isn't making any kind of sense.

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Adrian, this is a common and serious flaw in CB pricing algorithm.  They base part of the price on the offered sales prices in AA.  There are 6 seriously overpriced comics for sale for Superior Iron Man #8 right now.  Those all get folded into the new 'value' in the weekly update.  If there are no other sales, then the ONLY factor in the price will be those for sale.  If any seller automatically adjusts their selling price based on the new update, then their issue for sale goes up (or down) every week!

This is a serious problem that I have pointed out for years with using 'for sale' prices in AA.  If the issue is widely traded, it's not that big of a deal.  But if there aren't a lot of sales, then it radically skews the prices up or down depending on the sellers pricing.

I wish CB would just drop the whole for sales pricing part of the model.  But, it's always been this way and it's a problem.

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