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Amazing Spider-Man (6th Series) #14

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The issue of Amazing Spider-Man that came out this past Wednesday (Nov. 23, 2022) has a number of variant cover artists listed in the issue that aren't in the variations in the latest content update.  The following combos are missing:

  • Kyle Hotz (colored by Dan Brown)
  • Design cover by Ed McGuinness
  • Ed McGuinness (colored by Marcio Menyz)

Since I don't have those issues, I can't determine which should be added or corrected to the database, and I'm listing them here for adjudication and correction.  I did note that there's a listing for a variant cover by John Romita Jr. that is not listed in the issue as well as a number of other covers that look to be some kind of exclusives.

Thank you,


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Here are the UPC numbers for two of the ones you listed.

75960620200301422   Kyle Hotz                 (Red-head female behind dark web spider-man(?))?

75960620200301423   Ed McGuinness       Hallows's Eve Design Cover

If the standard UPC format is observed, they would be 2nd and 3rd printing of the 2nd variation.

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