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Marvel Italian Comics (Panini)

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I would like to find out if anyone has seen the comic books that I am including as attachments. I bought these sometime during 2021 from an eBay seller located in Italy. The first contains content and artwork from the Mighty Thor Series and includes a Loki back-up story. The other appears to be for Avengers Stand-Off and also includes a back-up story. The issues are card stock in nature and each has an embossed front cover. Just trying to figure out if 1) They might already exist in the CB database and 2) If not, would I able able to add them (of course, I would also appreciate some advice as to how to determine the actual publisher, correct title / issue numbers to create, etc.). Thank you!





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Mark, the indicia is in Italian and the text itself is almost microscopic...I wish that I could provide more but I also thought that since there are listings in CB for Panini that maybe someone other than myself had/has actually come across these in the past. By the way, and for example, if there are Marvel reprints from other countries (such as Patrulla X (X-Men) from Spain) would these be listed under the regular title(s) or someplace else?

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