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The Tick San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Edition 2016

Jeff Pearce

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I have the book The Tick San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Edition 2016 but cannot find it in the database. I've added it manually and submitted it for review but it still comes up as an unrecognized title during updates. Can you point me to its actual listing or tell me how to get it added?



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Can you attach a cover scan (or a link to the cover)?

I 'think' it might be in 'Tick 2017, The) as #0 (or 0/A).

This looks like a mis-used title. #0 has a cover date of 2018, #1 2017 (and a B variant with 2018), #2 2017, #3 and #4 2018.

Based on the progression, I would l think #0 should be 2016 but with this Title I can't be sure.

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A pic would be a huge help.  

Anything Tick related is an absolute nightmare.  They randomly publish titles, specials, exclusives, and any number of other types of issues with no clear designation as to whether they are continuations of old titles, related to current titles, or straight up new series.  I have tried many times to get my copy of the 2015 San Diego Comic Con blank variant into CB without success.  I don't know if the title is so confusing that no one really pays attention anymore or my submissions are unclear in some way.  For me, it goes back to the idea of breaking books out to match the indicia or at least grouping them together for exclusives like SDCC.  

This is the 2015 SDCC blank:

I can find other SDCC blanks from 2015-2018.  

The #0 from 2018 is part of the 2017 series, assuming that it is actually from 2018.  I have never handled any of these raw, only the slabbed versions so I can't open them to verify dates.  Mine is from 2015 as it was signed that year.  Beyond the blanks, there are other SDCC exclusives as well.  

I'm betting this is the original poster's book:


I'm not finding it in CB either.  

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Sorry, I've had a lot on my plate lately and haven't had a good opportunity to follow up. 

As for the lack of a serial number, I have seen this kind of thing a few times although I can't immediately recall any specific titles.  It's limited to 260 copies but the printer may make 350 (not specific, I just chose a random number)  in the event of problems with any copies plus creator comps and the like. The original 260 were numbered and distributed at the convention but any others would lack the serial number and may make it into the market either from the publisher or through contributors to the book.

As for finding any of these in CB, they weren't there as best I can tell.  I have submitted a new title, "Tick, The: San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Edition" for their SDCC exclusives from 2014 thru 2020.  Maybe we will get luck this time and it will be accepted!

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