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"AXE: Eve of Justice" should be "A.X.E.: Eve of Justice"

Fred Slota

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All others in the series are A.X.E.


Not sure how to deal with this, but it is slightly annoying that all the A.X.E. titles won't alphabetize together.


I take that back.  Suggestion - Add the colon (and possibly dash) to the AlphabetizedTitle field, which will essentially make the Subtitle prioritized over non-subtitled names.

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Yeah, I should have dug it out before posting just to verify... better late than never.


Cover, as in all the others, has it all printed out,  "Avengers-X-Men-Eternals Eve of Judgement".

Indicia has it abbreviated with punctuation, "A.X.E.: Eve of Justice"


So, correction suggestion is justified.

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