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Title-level Grid (and Reports)

Fred Slota

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I'm picturing a live grid of Title information, but with more than just the Title data, but also with issue information on a title-by-title basis, that can be displayed and searched.


I'm picturing columns like:

Name, Publisher, Years, etc.


But also:


cntOwnedReg, cntMissingReg, cntTotalReg, pctOwnedReg

cntOwnedAnl, cntMissingAnl, cntTotalAnl, pctOwnedReg

cntOwnedBk, cntMissingBk, cntTotalBk, pctOwnedBk


And options for

"No Var only/No Var or Var A/Any Var/All Var"

"First Print only/Any Print/All Prints"


So, you could get lists of titles in your collection, reporting how complete your collection is title by title, and can search for completed titles, or titles missing 3 or fewer issues, etc.

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