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No progress bar or confirmation pop-up when submitting new or larger scans

Samer Meshreki

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When I submit data to ComicBase, I get a progress bar while the data from each issue I submitted is being uploaded to the server.



After that is complete, I get a pop-up that says "Thanks..."


Then, if my comic cover scans are newer or larger, it asks me if I want to send those too.


I click Yes.

Then... nothing

No progress bar displaying the status of the uploads.

No confirmation pop-up saying that sending the scans were successful.

I don't even know if it did anything at all!  I don't know if it tried, if it failed, if it was successful.  Nothing.

What should I see?

If I resubmit the same issue data, deja vu... it repeats the same steps all over again... progress bar during upload of issue data, "Thanks..." when data is complete, followed by asking "You also have scans...." and then... nothing.

Please advise.

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