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Mass Changes to Specific Fields

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I recently attempted to update the "Artist" and "Cover Artist" fields for Gabriele Dell'Otto and Riccardo Federici for which I had noted there are numerous issues where their names were not spelled correctly. After selecting "Replace All", I did not receive any response that the actions had been completed. In then going back to check some of the issues, I noticed that the incorrect spellings were still there. Can someone tell me if this actually works, and if so, am I supposed to receive some sort of notification that the process has been completed? Otherwise, please have someone update the databased with the correct spellings for these two artists. Thank you!

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 Can you detail the steps you used?

Did you use Items->Mass Change (or CTRL+M)?


Did you use Edit->Find and Replace... (CTRL+H)?

Of the two, Find and Replace is safer. You can see what it is going to change before you confirm it.

Either option would need to be run multiple times (once for each credit field).

There is an ALL option for Find and Replace but I would strongly suggest not using it as it will not allow you to see what is being change (similar to Mass Change in that respect).

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