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New Build 2137?

Michael Jacobson

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I am currently running Build 2129. when I open CB, I get the "do you want to update?" window. I click "yes", then I get a three button window: Modify, Repair, Remove. I click on modify, when the installer is done I press "Finish" and I'm still build 2129. I try the Repair mode: still 2129. I remove CB and reinstall from the Registrations page, where the current build is 2137. My build is still 2129 and I still get the "Do you want to update?" window.

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Normally when this happen, they are in the process of posting a new build.

Unfortunately, the part where you are notified seems to complete before the actual build gets synced to its location.

So, what you are actually doing is downloading the previous Build, which causes the the 3 option window (Modify, repair, Remove).

Give it some time then try again.

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