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Fun with initials

Fred Slota

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Went through and cleaned up some nonstandard formattingg of initials in Cover Artists.

Pondering several credits with people who have initialed last names...


Alberto Hernández R.

Andy B. - Multiple Andys with B last names

Ash S.

Bob Q. - Bob Quinn?

Christina Z.

Chuck B. B, - Chuck Bordell?

David B. - Multiple Davids with B last names

Eric J. - Multiple Erics with J last names

Eric Z. - Erik Zawadski?

Gagnon V.

Gary G - 2 Garys with G last names

Genevieve F. T. - Genevieve Farley-Tremblay?

Gigi D. G.

Greenblatt P. Nibbelink D. - Is this two names?  Neither exists on their own, but then, this one is alone, too...

Holly G. - Holly Golightly?

J. R. - multiple possible

Jake T. - 2 Jakes with T last names

Joe E. - multiple Joes with E last names

Maddie C. - 

Mady G,

Moy R.

Mr. C.I.H.

Mshindo I.

Mshindo Kumba I.

Nahuel S. B.

Neelakash K.

R. A. S

Robbi C.

Scott C. - multiple Scotts with C last names

Steph C. - Steph Campbell?

Sunando C.

Sven O.

Tanya C.

Tasia M. S.

Ted B. - multiple Teds with B last names

Thomas K. - Thomas Kidd?

Ulf K.


Also, there was one with an entry of "Father William J. Donnelly, M.M.".  Is this two people, or is this a reference to the Father's denomination, and f so, how do we report this?


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Yes, but the real question is, is that the David B. for the issues in ComicBase where someone entered the Cover Artist name as David B.?  After all, there were other David B's who also did covers in ComicBase...


I suppose I could have made a quick check to see if the entries with the above initialed names were in series where a non-initialed name was also used on other issue of the series...


This is an area where I feel leery of cavalierly making changes.

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