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Fun with cover parentheticals

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Thankfully, the recognition of names ignores parentheticals, so an entry like "Adi Granov (back cover)" is recognized as Adi Granov.


That said, what are the accepted labels?


A quick survey found:

  • (front) and (front cover) - is this needed, or is this assumed for any name in the Cover Artist field
  • (front & back)
  • (back) and (back cover) and (Back Cover) and (Back)
  • (pencils)
  • (inks) - I'll move these
  • (cover) - I'll remove these
  • () - I'll remove these if I can figure out how to find these aagin
  • (color), (colors), (colorist)
  • (signed)
  • (flipbook), (flipcover)
  • Jack KIrby, Steve Ditko (Eel figure)
  • Mike Deodato Jr. (Jade)
  • (TV)
  • (Photography)
  • (model)
  • Cosplay (Model: Savannah Polson, Photographer: Carlos Guerrero)
  • (grapher)
  • (a)


  • Clarke (Frédéric Seron)
  • C.F. (Christopher Forgues)  and   Christopher Forgues (C. F.)
  • NoemZ (Naomi Hatchman)
  • LucidSky (Meng)
  • Eli Bishop (Hob)
  • Joan Steacy (as Joan Thornborrow)
  • Holly Golightly (aka Fauve)
  • Roju (Johanna Rojola)
  • Sean Gordon Murphy (as Sean Murphy)
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And then, there are apparently parenthesis-less parentheticals that are being picked up as names...


searches on the above lists found

  • Delanty, colors David
  • Moss, colors by Ula
  • Nunes, colors by Ivan
  • Ehnot, pencils/inks by Chris
  • Guerrero), Photographer: Carlos
  • Krause, model Tina
  • Powers, model Savannah
  • Wolf, model Melissa
  • Cosplay, Jannet in
  • grapher, R. A. Smith

are these proper credits?

  • Cover Design
  • Roy Cover
  • Savage Pencil - huh, guess this is a valid credit
  • cover, Blank Authentix - I think these aren't even correct Item Descriptions for the 3 issues that have this
  • Noggin30 Photography
  • Photography, Super Mediocre
  • Be Feel Photos
  • Feel Photos


I'll correct these:

  • Blank, Cover
  • Blank, Sketch Cover
  • Cover, Animation
  • Cover, Photo
  • Cover Game
  • Figure Action
  • Photo
  • Movie Photo
  • cosplay
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Looks like I've removed these...

  • Blank, Cover
  • Blank, Sketch Cover
  • Cover, Animation
  • Cover, Photo
  • Cover Game
  • Figure Action


found these, corrected and submitted

  • Photo
  • Photo, Movie
  • cosplay
  • Blank
  • Sketch, Cvr
  • Art, Animation
  • Videogame


Would like some clarifications on the other parentheticals and credits listed earlier...

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  • 3 weeks later...

There are times I feel like I'm shouting at the tide, since I thought some of these were previously accepted


Cover Artist

  • "Animation Art", 1 found
  • "Art Animation", 6 found
  • "Blank", 4 found
  • "Blank Authentix cover", 3 found - and they're not even blank covers
  • "Cosplay", 13 found
  • "Cover Blank", 23 found
  • "Movie Photo", 12 found
  • "Photo", 47 found
  • "Sketch Cover Blank", 1 found

All cleaned and resubmitted

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1) While it is possible, these issues are otherwise random.  Do people (other than me) really submit updates on many random issues?

2) If that is what is happening, it is disappointing that editorial does not notice these incorrect entries getting let in.  


Ah well, it just adds more free submission points to my total.

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