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Label printer help

Chris Vaughan

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I bought a color label printer so I could print color identification labels.  I've got a Brother VC-500W that works find, I've printed a few different labels from other programs, but I can't get it to print from Comicbase.  On the print screen, the printer shows up, but the label options only show Avery full label page options, Dymo Label and Dymo Shipping.  How do I get it to print Identification Labels?  It is NOT the printer, again, it works perfectly fine with other programs, and the printer itself is showing up in the printer options in Comicbase, just the label options are not changing.  When I tried to just select the the Dymo Shipping, it told me that the text was too big for the label, and when I select the Dymo Label, nothing happens.

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I don't have a label printer so I can't test this out but you might try:

Start on a Title that has some issues you own.
Use menu item Report->Identification Labels.
In the Series to Print area, select 'Current Series'
(You can select series/issues from inside the report but for testing it is easier to start from a title you have some issues in).

Alternately, you can select/hi-light one or more issues you own, right-click and select Identification labels from the pop-up menu (or use F6).

Below select any of the information you want on the label.
In the Printer drop-down box in the top right corner, select your label writer. It should be in the list. If not that is your first problem.

Next select a Label type. I am assuming the only difference between the Dymo Address and Dymo Shipping are the size (Address is about 1 inch wide while the Shipping is about 2 inches wide). Select one of them (I would start with Dymo Address).

Click on the Preview button.
Does this bring up a window with a representation of what the label looks like?

If it does, try to print it from the preview. It is the second icon from the left in the top left corner.
Did that work?

If none of that worked, if you have a regular printer avaiable, can you print to a normal piece of paper (8/1/2 x 11) just to see if CB and Windows are 'talking' to each other.


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I managed to get it to print a different identification label, but not a third one.  The only thing I can think of is something about the format size isn't quite right with the Dymo Label layout.  Same thing with price labels, it would print one, went back to the first one and it will not print that one.

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