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Extra Cover Scan Maintenance

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Happened upon this by complete accident, but under the title "Door to Door, Night by Night" from Vault, in the picture folder there are 28 covers for "Dumbo (Ediciones Recreativas S. A.)."  The covers also appear in their own title so these appear to be unneeded duplicates. 

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I checked and I don't have those 28 extra covers.

If you have the Archive Edition there is a way to get rid of 'orphan' covers (covers that do not have a matching issue in CB).

Open File Tools.

Press and Hold ALT while selecting Manage Pictures and Movies'.

When the window comes up, there should be a 'Copy Pictures For Existing Items' button in the lower left cover.

Click this will start a process where CB will compare every cover scan file to the Title/Issues in CB.

If it is found, it will copy it to a different location (one you specify).

If it is NOT found it will not copy it.

Once the process is finished, you can either

Point you CB to this new Pictures file location (remember to point to the Folder that CONTAINS the Pictures folder).


Delete (or rename) the original location to something else, then copy the new picture folder contents to the original location.

PS It would hurt to run a Rebuild LIsts for Picture information to get everything back into sync (picture information in CB).

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