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some recent cover pics did not download

Michael Allen

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Certain cover images are not present in my version of ComicBase, but I can see on Atomic Avenue that they exist in the greater system. Specifically, I am seeing this with a few of this year's FCBD books. One example would be Archie Horror Library Presents: The Cursed Library #FCBD 0. The listing is there, but with no pic. My guess is that I missed the download for that week. I have Archive Edition and am current with updates as of now. Is there a way to download any pics that are not present in my program that exist in the master file, hopefully short of doing some full picture re-download? Or at the very least, is there a good way to grab those pics on a one-by-one basis as I come across them?

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What you can try is to re-process the download. To do this, press and hold the SHIFT key while you select menu item Internet->Check for Updates.

This may (or may not) download the cover that were missed. But only for the current week's update.

If that does not work, if you only want covers for Issues you own without cover, you can try to run an Advanced Find with:

I.QtyInStock >= 1 AND I.[PictureFileSize] < 1

Select / Hi-Light all the issues then Right-Click and select download covers from the pop-up menu.

PS You can try this for any issues (whether you own them or not by removing the QtyInStock part of the find:

I.[PictureFileSize] < 1

and see if that works (or there aren't too many returned).

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