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Extreme valuation swing with update 20.0.2

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So we have a new update and once again the valuation of my collection changed in the extreme. On the update prior to this last one, the change in valuation (decreased) was the result of a 'consolidation' of duplicate grades. Now with this update, the valuation increased by $13K but I failed to find a possible explanation for this change with this update. Is there one?

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I can't comment intelligently on the cause of value changes without knowing your collection--all we really do is compute rolling averages on market pricing (a couple million data points each week).

That said, one of the features we're looking to incorporate soon is to automatically generate a list of top dollar and percent gainers each week for your collection as it does the update, as well as other reporting tools. Watch for it as we get underway by checking the interim builds page on comicbase.com > support


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Here is a screen print of just a portion of my collection. It illustrates the difference between 'price' and 'value'. The pricing on the 9 books listed add up to $5725 as indicated in the 'Total Price' column but I have no idea what figures were used to come up with the $8022 'Total Value' figure. It's these cumulative differences,over all value ranges, that account for the valuation swing. Prior to 20.0.2, this break-down was showing ~90K. Now it shows 103K! 


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