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need to reset the program that "view unrecognized items" uses

Ed W. Lillie II

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I updated the database and when I clicked on "view Unrecognized items" a dialog box came up asking what to view it with.  Didn't realize the program I should have picked is explorer and chose preview.  Now it brings up [review when clicked but as its' an html file nothing displays.  


I can not figure out how to clear/reset this setting.



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Not sure if this helps or not. Using Windows 11,
Open Settings.
Select Apps from the list on the left.
Select Default Apps.
Scroll all the way down and in Related Settings, expand Chose defaults by link type.
Scroll down to HTTP and click on the item (Mine has Firefox Url:Hypertext Transfer Protocol).
Select program to use.


Have you tried closing CB and reopening it? (You can bring up the Content Updated window by selecting Check for Updates again.)


Uninstall/Reinstall CB.

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sorry I have not responded but this issue kept spiraling.


1). My default for windows 11 link type http(s) is edge.  I guess this means that CB doe not use this setting for the display.  No Joy

2) closing and reopening did nothing.  No Joy.

3) I have upgraded to CB version 24 and the issue still occurs.  No Joy


Before I go further I wanted to say thank you for your suggestions.


Anything else?  Bueller?  Bueller?  😀

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