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Clean up for 10/13/2023 content update

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This week's update added Battlestar Galactica Annual published by Grandreams.  The title is listed as a US title.  I'm not totally positive but I think that this publisher is based in the UK.  Can anybody confirm?  
Also, this title lists two issues, #1978 and #1981.  The #1981 issue cover scan bears the title "Mission Galactica".  Can anybody confirm the title of this item as it is listed in the indicia?

The comic title Robotics;Notes was also added.  The title page on AA is here, but I get an error page when I try to navigate to the title from the AA title search box.  

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This week's update also adds Unofficial Guide to the World of Studio Ghibli, The  in the Comic Books category when it should be in Books.

Also, I am unsure about these two titles actually contain comics (I have my suspicions; maybe someone can verify one way or the other):

Faro’s Lounge Ashoka In Action Cosplay
Indiana Jane Cosplay Danejo Artbook

Whether it's a comic or not, the first of those two titles contains an error, transposing the second and third letters of the character name Ahsoka.

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