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Also added was the comic title Marvel Beginnings: I Love You 3,000.  This title, along with Marvel Beginnings: Spider-Man's Spooky Halloween, are board books.  I am having difficulty in locating scans or pictures of the interior, but I am suspicious that neither of these Marvel Beginnings books are actually comics.  Can anybody verify whether these belong in the Comics category or should be moved to the Books category?

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Like you, I can't find any inside information. Disney's website does describe

I Love You 3,000 as 'With adorable illustrations and simple text...'

Spider-Man's Spooky Halloween' as 'Kids will explore the feel of waxy of pumpkins, crinkly candy wrappers, furry costumes, and more.'

Hulk's Big Feelings (not yet in CB) as 'Using the reflective panel on every spread, kids are invited to “mirror” Hulk’s facial expressions as he experiences a wide range of emotions'

So, they do sound more like a Book than a Comic.

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