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Clean up for 11/08/2023 content update

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The newly-added title Jam, The: Urban Adventure is a duplicate of the existing Jam, The Urban Adventure: Beginnings.

I'm guessing the new entry was triggered by the recent solicitation of the book through Diamond, but the book has been available on demand for over a year. I see that the new entry has a different UPC number than the existing entry, and it has a Diamond order code and stock number. Maybe this means it should be Bk 1-2? I don't know for sure how it should be handled in the database, but the publisher indicates that the contents will be exactly the same.

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14 hours ago, Gregory Hecht said:

This week's update added the comic title Lego Star Wars: Strong WIth the Force.  That should be updated to either Lego Star Wars: Strong With the Force or (if I correctly understand CB's current conventions) Lego Star Wars: Strong with the Force.  

Similarly, these new titles contain incorrectly capitalized words:

Earthworm Jim 2: Fight The Fish!
Life Of Pope John Paul II In Comics, The
Little Trees That Went To School, The

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