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New content clean-up

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This week's content update adds the following titles that refer to the same publication:

Bristlemouth Cove Horror
Bristlemouth: A Cove Horror

Based on the cover image, the latter appears correct.

This looks like another double addition:

Hunters, The
Hunters, The (Paper Films)

And the following title was added:

Palestine (Fantagraphics)

This should not be a new title, as Palestine already exists in the database, published by Fantagraphics. The upcoming 2024 collected-edition reprint should go under that title as well.



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'Bristlemouth: A Cove Horror' is a pre-order so there is nothing definitive on this (but the 'A' looks like it should be there). Also, the Publisher is a little questionable. One has 'IPI' Comics' and one has 'SQ Mag'.
The 'ipicomics.com' website, has:

'THIS SITE ©2023 SQ MAG PTY LTD trading as IPI Comics™

All material published on this site are copyright SQ Mag Pty Ltd, or are reproduced by legal agreement. No material may be used by other parties unless by conditions of fair use.'

Which looks like 'SQ Mag Pty Ltd' may be the main company with 'IPI' Comics being an imprint (that I would use as the Publisher).


'Hunters, The (Paper Films)' would be the best to delete as the Publisher is 'Paperfilms' (no space).


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Palestine (Fantagraphics) is still a separate listing after the 1/10/2024 update. Again, this forthcoming book is a collection of the series Palestine, from the same publisher, already listed in ComicBase. Previous collections are listed under that title; this one belongs there as well.

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