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Unable to Remove a DataBase From My Mobile Report

Robert A. Weinberg

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I want to remove a Backup database from my mobile report on my iPhone. I got to my profile on my account in my browser, and when I click on the Backup database it switches right back to my database not allowing me to remove it. I am holding down my cursor so you can see both for the screenshot. If i move the cursor down to the Backup, it just goes right back to my database with checkmark. Am I missing something here? 


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The problem most likely due to the fact both dbs listed share the same database ID number even though the db names are different.

try this:

-hit the 'Remove' button on all the dbs on your online Profile page

-launch ComicBase 2020 on your computer, go to the File Menu>ComicBase Statistics. This will link the database you currently have loaded in CB2020 to your online Profile page.


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