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Changing Issue Descriptions & Adding Variants

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For Batman (3rd series), I had added 1/K for a variant that had not existed at the time for a Neal Adams cover. In addition, I was able to have him sign it at the 2016 Florida Supercon (all of which was documented in the description. In addition, I scanned the cover and also set a selling price of $20.00 (and checking off on the box to not allow changes by updates). However, when I happened to come back to this series earlier today to add some newer variants that I had bought, both the cover was gone and the selling price appeared as $2.99 (same as the cover price). Is there anything that I can do to prevent this from happening moving forward? I buy many variants from sellers such as ComicsElite, Unknown Comics, BuyMeToys, Jetpack, etc. that I often receive before Comicbase includes them in their updates.

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any new variant you add that isn't already present in our Master db, you'll want to send in a correction for asap so we can add it to Master Database for the next content update. Also wouldn't hurt to send us a quick email (support@comicbase.com) just as a heads up so our editorial team knows to check for those corrections for you.

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