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Selling multiple databases

Bill Rice

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In the software, go the File Menu>Open - load in a different db.


Be very careful that whenever you post or deduct items for sale that you load in the correct db. Failing to do so may cause you to have discrepancies with what you offer online for sale on AA; you wanna avoid cancelling sales and issuing refunds which can hurt your seller rating. A good way to avoid any trouble is to launch ComicBase, go the internet menu>check sales and purchases (to deduct any AA sales). Follow that with going back into the internet menu>sell  to post you db in its revised state back to AA (so you don't accidentally sell something no longer instock). Do this for each db you decide to sell with on AA.

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With the software closed, open up a Windows File Explorer window and browse to your documents/human computing/comicbase databases folder - locate the db you're using and rename it (ex: Database 1). Once you finish renaming it, double-click on the renamed db itself so you force it to load into the software under the new name. Repeat this process with the other computer and its db but of course give the db different name (ex: Database 2).




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