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New Price Check Feature in ComicBase 2020

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ComicBase's pricing is market-based: basically, we just run a rolling average of the sales and listing prices of a couple million records each week to figure out how things are moving. Listing a book a given price tends to "nudge" the price in that direction; actually selling it give it more of a "push" -- bu only for a limited period of time. 

Of note: when we calculate prices we try to throw out real "outliers" in the data unless they're supported by an increasing number of data points based on how far the move is. (E.g., if you list X-Force #1 for $1,000,000, it'll just get thrown out, not averaged in!) -- unless a whole lot of people agree with you (or we make a lot of sales in that neighborhood).

All things considered, the system works pretty well, but weird stuff can still happen, causing prices to get out of whack with market realities. Generally, the process is self-correcting--i.e., new data will move prices back to a more realistic level if they somehow get knocked for a loop by a flood of odd sales. 

But now, with ComicBase 2020, there's a new tool to help when a price seems unreasonable: the new "Request Price Check" command. (located under ComicBase's "Internet" menu). To use it, just highlight a comic you feel is out of line with market pricing, choose Internet > Request Price Check, and let us know what you think the proper price is (and what you're basing it on). Our editors will conduct a manual review of different market venues and make any necessary corrections to the master pricing in the database. Any changes to the price then become part of the next week's update.

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I am not sure if you still have a problem or not with the greyed out items.

If you are, what you need to do is select the issue by clicking on the first box on the row (the far left) which should high-light the row. (you can select multiple rows at one time, also).

Once that is done, it previously greyed out items should be available.


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