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Data updates for 2017

Scott Mahan

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Is it still possible to get data updates for the old database format? When I renewed my subscription what I got was 2020 but I still have 2017 installed. It says updates are available but my subscription is expired. I don't really want to update all my less active databases' format but something does happen there now and then so data would be good. Database format change is a pain.

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I will take that as, "no". Annoying but not insufferable. The denial of Publisher as a sorting/data attribute in 2020 for reporting/export has rendered ComicBase totally useless as a reporting tool. Primary sort order in ANY report is Publisher. So now I have to export all the issues in inventory, do my own Publisher extrapolation, and make my own reports. Not impossible, in fact already done, but still a pain. Why must it be so hard?

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