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Limitations with current pricing updates

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Is there a way to update the value (not selling) column for a particular issue either by import or other means?

Australia, Canada & the UK all have price variants for both Marvel & DC from the 60s-90's at cover price. Not to mention 2000AD, Star Wars Weekly etc.

Approx 150,000 comics which will never show up on Heritage or Atomic Avenue which means decent sized overseas collections undervalued by at least $10,000 or more.

Any help would be appreciated

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There's a couple ways of dealing with this:

1) [Preferred] -- Right-click on the items selected and choose "Request Price Check", giving your estimated price and source of data. Feel free to ask that the rest of the title be re-evaluated at the same time if you feel it's all under or over-valued.

2) Highlight one or more issues and Quick Change to set "Lock Price" to be checked, then set the value as you see fit. This will ensure that those items are unaffected by future price updates.



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Thanks Pete

When I tested it - I think the answer is to set the value I need to update the 2020 value history field with the actual value and it calculates the price for the lower conditions based on that.

Then my selling price is whatever I want it to be.

Im going to do my own research for UK,Can and Aus and update accordingly.



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