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How to generate publisher report/export

Stephen R. Bonomo

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Publisher reports of missing issues was the primary way I was using reporting in the previous versions. I would use this to take to shows as I searched to complete my collection. Such reports are absent in version 20.0.2.

How can I generate such a report in version 20.0.2? If it is not currently possible, when will this be available again? In the interim, how do I export the data required to be able to generate such a report in an external database tool? If I can get the data out, my son was willing to import the data to try to generate a similar report using queries in another database.

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First, what Edition of CB do you have (Free, Express, Pro, Archive).
Second can you explain what a Publisher report is?  I have a copy of CB 2017 but  don't see any official Publisher report.
The Reports available are: Collection Report, Divider Blurbs, Divider Labels, Identification Labels, Issue Checklist, Price Labels, Price List, and Title Report.
If you have Export available (it may not be in all Editions) it does not include Publisher as one of the columns to select.

You can get a list of Publishers and Titles with a Find.

Open a Find window (CTRL+F).

Use the Find drop down box to select Title Fields->Publisher.

Change drop-down box from IS to IS GREATER THAN, then type a 'space' (press the space bar once) in the box.

If you only want to return info for your items, check the LIST ONLY TITLES IN STOCK check box.

Once the Find results are displayed, you can use CTRL+A to select all the rows.

Now you have to choices.

1) Report: you can right-click, on the grid area and select Quick Report (or F7). This will generate a report on the Find results.

2) Copy: Copy/Paste the information to another program (a spreadsheet works well).

NOTE: If you go the Export route, you can use this Publisher/Title information in a database and merge it with the Export data (on Title). This may take a little work for unicode characters.



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I am currently using the Blu-Ray Archive edition.

Before the transition to ComicBase 2020 (from ComicBase 2017), I was able to generate my (various) reports on "selected titles", and within the "selected titles" menu there was a "find" button I was able to use to narrow down the lists by publisher (e.g. all titles with "Dell" as publisher).  That button has since been removed from the report menus and I am pretty darn inconvenienced by this since it is completely infeasible to go through and select every single series in the menu.

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Try this. Click Selected Titles and then the Choose.. button.

When the Titles window comes up, click on the Publisher header. This will sort the list by Publisher.

Scroll down the list to the Publisher you want, Click on the first item, scroll to the last time, and, while pressing and holding the Shift key, click on the last item.

You should now have all the Titles for that Publisher selected.

If you want more than one Publisher, you can do that with pressing and holding the CTRL key, but you have have to select individual Titles or click/hold the mouse button (while still holding the CTRL key) and dragging to select multiple Titles.

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No. I am using CB 2020 Archive Edition v20.0.3.3829. (I have access to CB 2017 on a different computer).

Can you a) check the version of CB you have, and b) describe the exact steps you are doing. It concerns me a little that your 'Title' window does not look like mine.

Menu item Report->Item Checklists.

Items Checked: Missing Items, , Include Storylines and creators (nothing else).

Click on the radio button for Selected Titles.

And I get this (If I scroll down the list, I get the cover scan and publisher/date to the right).

Notice that my list has both Title and Publisher.  Yours does not even have a header (which is why I asked for you to check your version.




Item Checklist Title Selectd.JPG

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