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Several cover page questions

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Hello, can someone please advise correct dates to use, and answer questions below that re : barcode box containing non barcode content ?

1) Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, # 162- cover says Jan, CD says 12/1/73, Indicia says DEC-JAN 1973

2) Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane # 136- cover says Feb, CB says Jan, Indicia says JAN- FEB 1974

3) QUESTION: I have a near mint copy of The New Mutants #58, DEC. My copy has a rectangular box which contains the barcode,
but the cover pictured in CB has text in the box instead, it says " The Fall of the Mutants Is Coming".

Does this matter, is it considered some kind of variant? Please advise.

4) SAme question for: Alpha Flight Annual #2, 1987 cover price $1.25

my copy has the 'The Fall of the Mutants is Coming!' in the barcode box, not the barcode.

Thank you, please also submit corrections as needed to CB.

Appreciate your help,



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1 & 2) These are more examples where the last of the two months in the indicia should have been in CB (as that is what matches the cover). I submitted corrections

3 & 4) When a comic went to a Direct Market seller (local comic book store), the barcode was removed/replaced by text or a picture). The comics that went to Newsstands kept the barcode.  The difference had to do with returns. Newsstands got less of a discount on the comics but they could return unsold ones. Direct Market sellers got a much larger discount BUT they could NOT return them.

At this time CB does not track Newsstand / Direct Market editions separately. They are considered the same issue.


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