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The book Industriacide has the trade paperback collection listed as the first issue. If that can be changed to BK 1 I can upload the correct info and cover scan. Additionally, the publisher should be changed to Broken Tree Publications and the notes for the TP changed to reflect that it was published by Rorshach. Two of the proposed six issues were published by Broken Tree and then a TP was released of the complete series from Rorshach.

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It looks like the series had issue #3 published also, as Amazon has one for sale, at this time (only 1 left...) https://www.amazon.com/Industriacide-Broken-Tree-comic-book/dp/B076614V5J

The Series was published in 2002 all with cover price of 2.95.

The TPB collection, was published in 2004 with a street date of 2/18/2004 and  a cover price of 11.99.


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