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Java Town

Michael Allen

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The title Java Town from Slave Labor Graphics had a previous volume that was free. I have the second issue only, which was published in 1992. It was most likely the final issue of the first volume, as the cover date of Volume 2 #1 is May 1992. The first volume had a slightly shorter page count and newsprint covers. The title known as Java Town in Comicbase should probably be changed to Java Town (2nd Series). I could then add at least the second issue of Volume 1. Another option would be to add it as MC2 under the existing listing, but that is more of a dirty end-around and not technically correct.

This brings a separate question to mind. When adding an issue or issues of a book, if there is a missing but clearly extant issue that I don't have, such as Java Town Vol. 1 #1, should I add a blank listing or leave it empty?

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