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2021 Archive Edition Screen Saver

Matthew P. Plassman

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While many others seem to be having the more serious issue of not being able to install or startup the new CB, I, as always, have a much more trivial issue.

I can't find the screen saver.

I looked in the screen saver drop down menu in Settings, and I don't see it. I tried to search for it in the Program Files or in the settings in CB, but no luck. Maybe the fact that I still had the old cover gallery installed at the time led to some confusion in my elderly computer's fuzzy processors. Whatever the cause, I'm sure the answer lies in one of the two usual places: I'm overlooking something obvious or I need to reinstall.

This is by no means a rush to solve, given the holiday and the other issues people are having. My palm, though, is primed for my face when the answer comes.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Matthew,

It's for Archive Editions only (so if you have Pro, Express, or Free, it's not there) -- if you do have Archive Edition, go to your Windows menu and type "Screen saver". "Change Screen Saver" will come up as an option; choose it. Then, choose the "ComicBase Cover Gallery" screen saver and you're off to the races.





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