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Covers and CB 2021

Brian Reilly

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Each year I get the new Archive update. After updating my CB to the latest version, I always wonder if I should download and install the 4 large covers files. Of course, I did it the first time many years ago and get the new covers with weekly updates. So, is there any point to re-downloading and installing the latest version of the main covers files? Will it replace existing covers I have with new or better quality scans? Can anyone answer?


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When installing, there is an option to replace smaller scans, if you like.

I would suggest downloading and installing the most current covers as CB had removed all watermarks from the covers.

Also, it is possible that some covers are not downloaded with updates (not sure of the specifics that would cause this). When I installed, I found some more covers I did not already have.


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Thanks Steven. I don't ever recall seeing watermarks on the covers. Just looked and still don't see any.

Regarding the option to replace smaller scans, I'm assuming that option appears when you choose to install the covers file.

I have noticed that despite weekly covers download that yes sometimes there are missing covers and you have to request the cover (or range of covers) to download manually.

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