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Been attempting to reenter a comic book titled Flot in Comicbase V20.0.1.2716. Instead of creating a new comic title the program wants to add a new issue for Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus.

No. Flot has nothing in common with Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus.  Not even the same creative team.

Added or reentered forty-five comic titles without ending up in a preceding tile. Any advice?

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Looks like a bug.  To get around this, try entering the Title as Flotx (or something else that doesn't generate a suggestion).

On the next window, enter the Title information.

On the next window (issue information), click on the Edit Title Information button, and change the Title to the correct Flot and save.

This will take you back to the window with the correct Title name and you can finish entering the Issue information.

PS When you save the issue information, the Title will display with the incorrect name. Just leave the Title and come back and it should display properly.

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We just changed up the way the auto-complete handles entry of new titles which are a subset of an existing title to avoid this case (in this case, the trouble was in the "taste oF LOTus.." match). Starting in the next build, pressing back-space deselects the match to the title, letting you more easily deal with things like this. (As a quick workaround, you can also enter "FLOT2" or the like, then edit the title to remove the "2")



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